Company History

Once upon a time…

Founder of Custom Amp Covers, Glen Wodnicki, couldn’t find dust covers for his vintage Traynor amplifier head and speaker cabinet. So, he took matters into his own hands. He designed what he was looking for, came up with some vinyl material and used a friend’s sewing machine to make the covers he needed.

As fate would have it someone in the same situation spotted the covers and inquired about them. Glen, being the nice guy that he is, offered to make him a few.

Then one night he had a dream (really) that he should sell his covers on eBay. After listing them, requests for other covers were soon pouring in.

A few years later…

 was formed and proves to live up to its name! We currently make thousands of different covers and will gladly accept the challenge of making a quality, affordable cover for your equipment.

Glen’s mechanical engineering background provides the skills to design covers that fit each individual amp perfectly - and you’ll be glad to know that professionals now do the sewing!

We make the covers that no one else does!