• We don’t make any ‘generic’ covers (that’s for lazy folks.) Each cover is made specifically for the model listed. So, if you don’t see your actual model check with us BEFORE you place an order – that way you won’t be disappointed with the fit.
  • If you’re ordering a new amp, you may want to wait until you receive the amp to make sure that you’re going to keep it BEFORE you order a cover. If there are any problems, it will save you the trouble of returning the amp AND the cover!
  • We don’t take returns on covers that have been customized with the trim and/or two-tone options. If you have questions on your color selections BEFORE you order we’ll be happy to send any vinyl and/or trim samples that you would like to see free of charge.
  • If you’re placing a custom order, we like the carpenter’s mantra (hope they don’t mind) ‘measure twice and cut once.’ If a custom order doesn’t fit, we’ll do our best to make it right but we can’t take returns when poor fit is due to customer measurement errors.
  • If a listed item is returned (unless there is a defect or an error on our part), there is a 30% restocking fee – plus the return shipping cost. Yuck; try to avoid that.